About the Artist

I am a representational artist with a love of rich saturated color. In most of my work I try to use complementary colors to enrich the colors and enhance the composition of my paintings. My inspiration for my paintings is the beauty of nature.

I have always loved drawing and been a visual person. I took art classes in High School and college. Trying to be practical I earned a RN nursing degree. As life, family and work took over my life I always dreamed of pursuing art.

After I retired I was lucky to find a wonderful teacher whose enthusiasm and knowledge of art re-instilled my love of art. I can only hope that people will get pleasure and joy from my art.

My mediums are oil and pastels.

   Body of work:
    • Portraits (See styles and pricing)
    • Still life
    • Commissioned portraits
    • Landscapes
    • Residential portraits 


(See more awards)

2011 – Received Award of Recognition from the Art League of Daytona Beach – Juried Exhibition

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